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Waterblock 5 Map 1.16.3 for Minecraft

Waterblock 5 Map 1.16.3 for Minecraft

 WaterBlock 5 is a CTM map made by Lore44. This is the following piece of WaterBlock arrangement.This guide was motivated by the SkyBlock however with considerable contrasts:

  • Instead of the void, we have a limitless sea in which the different islands of the little archipelago skim, with concealed containers and numerous unique assets. 

  • There is no shortage of assets and there are no things that can't be gotten in amount through cultivating or exchange. 

  • Center point to access in experience mode, where to investigate and do numerous trades (a few hundred) of valuable, uncommon or exceptional articles. 

  • Ten supervisors with trouble growing individually with custom drop and custom trades devoted to them (in addition to 2 all the more new managers with 1.14 highlights). 

  • Each manager can be handled a few times, it is sufficient to inspire it by offering the correct recognition in the crate. 

  • Destinations (missions) likewise through repeatable trades and furthermore with custom prizes. 

  • Crowd griefing and fire-griefing OFF. 

  • Likewise usable for workers, teleporters work for all major parts in the worker.
Waterblock 5, minecraft survival


  • Complete every mission (those of nature, crowds, and creatures, with which you can purchase designs and helpful items in the mission center), rout all managers (there are 10 of them, discover books with guidance and shops for supervisors in the center chief). And afterward complete the landmark. 

  • (Discretionary) Obtain all mission shop audits. 

  • (Discretionary) acquire all the supervisor shop reviews. 

  • (Discretionary and testing) to get all the articles and wells of the mage of the thing and the mage of the mixture.
Waterblock 5, minecraft survival

Waterblock 5, minecraft survival

Waterblock 5, minecraft survival


  • Kindly don't play on some other variant or it may not work! 

  • You should set Render Distance to 12 or upper. 

  • Abstain from utilizing bugs or utilizing the innovative if conceivable. 

  • Prohibited to utilize ender pearl, chorale natural product, orders or bugs to go where not permitted or in an alternate mode from the experience (for the different centers and for the battle managers) and to the endurance for the islands of takeoff. 

  • Since teleporters work for every single online player, abstain from being in any size other than the overword when they are enacted as we don't have the foggiest idea where the end or under could wind up. 

  • Be careful with enacting with bolts, harpoons, snowballs … the catches of the teleporters will in any case be actuated (in all actuality on the off chance that you wish it could likewise be a strategy to escape from troublesome circumstances, skip bits of parkour, and so on … , check whether you utilize this " stunt " or not) 

  • On the off chance that you expect to evade the (little) parkour present in the guide with ender pearl or with the elytra, focus on the imperceptible obstructions that could destroy your arrangements (the little parkour present is simple, yet in the event that you truly can't and need it to stay away from it with ender pearl tried first the direction with a bolt, a pike, and so forth … ). 

  • In 1.14 a bug was presented with teleporters that I can't totally unravel, in the event that you end up stuck some place on account of it I propose you utilize the observer mode to return to where you needed to transport and afterward re-visitation of mode experience.

How to install:

  • Download the map from the link below.
  • Extract the file you have just downloaded.
  • Hold down Windows key, then press R key on the keyboard (or you can click Start, then type Run into search, after that click Run)
  • Type %appdata% into the Run program, then press Enter.
  • Open .minecraft folder, then open saves folder.
  • Drag extracted map folder which you have done in step 2 into saves folder.
  • Start Minecraft, the map is in Singleplay mode.
  • Enjoy and play!
Minecraft Waterblock Download

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