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Minecraft New More Rafting Mods - Just A Raft Mod

Minecraft New More Rafting Mods - Just A Raft Mod

 Simply a Raft mod adds 6 new pontoons to the game to help in your watery ventures. 

You can create a pontoon from every wood type contingent upon your inclination. In the event that you ever needed a little assortment in vessel types and a pontoon would suit your necessities better then all you require are 3 logs and 4 bits of string to get your buoy on.

Minecraft Rafting Mod

At that point, much the same as with vessels, right-click the pontoon and you'll immediately begin drifting. The pontoons work precisely like vessels also and they drop effectively without breaking into pieces.

Downloadn Minecraft Raft Mod  For 1.16.1

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