Minecraft Puzzle Trıo Map

Minecraft Puzzle Trıo Map

 Puzzle Trio is a very testing Puzzle/Adventure Map for at least 3 Players. It vigorously depends on collaboration and teamplay as though one doesn't succeed, nobody does.


  • Don't break any blocks
  •  Follow the instructions on the signs (it helps, believe me)
  •  Play in adventure mode
This map is only playable if you are 3 Players (or more)!
  • Fixed a Redstone-Torch Bug in the main Level. 
  • Fixed an Exit Bug in the Underwater Level. 
  • Added a few signs. 
  • Taken out some coal. 
  • Added more playerfeedback. 
  • Fixed a missing bit of redstone.
Minecraft Puzzle Map Trio

Minecraft Puzzle Map Trio

Minecraft Puzzle Trıo Map Download

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