Minecraft New Funny Planet Parkour Map (1.16.4)

Minecraft New Funny Planet Parkour Map (1.16.4)

 Planet Parkour is a relentless, simple/medium trouble, enjoyable to speedrun parkour map with 40 phases for you astonishing Minecraft players to investigate and have some good times! 

NASA's Hubble telescope has found its first Earth-sized tenable planet with an astounding parkour jungle gym called "Planet Parkour"

Researchers have displayed the planet's expected surroundings to help comprehend the good and bad times of various hops on this planet. 

The group dealing with this planet affirmed that there are 40 phases in this parkour map. 

Planet Parkour's star is a small star found a little more than 100 light-years away in the heavenly body AmirKaká. 

Future missions might have the option to distinguish whether the planet has an environment, in spite of the fact that you can look at it yourself utilizing the reenactment in Minecraft.



Planet Parkour Of Minecraft

Planet Parkour Of Minecraft

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