Minecraft Super Steve Bros Game Map

Minecraft Super Steve Bros Game Map

A 2D game guide where you play as Steve in the realm of Super Mario Bros! 

This guide is a halfway amusement of Super Mario Bros, including 8 universes and 32 Custom Levels. 

In this guide you objective is to arrive at the banner post toward the finish of each level. You can trample adversaries, for example, Goomba and Koopa. 

Gathering 100 coins yield you a 1up. You can likewise discover catalysts. 



Mushroom: Make you greater and permit you to break block 

Fire Flower: Allow you to toss fireball by Right Clicking 

Star: Make you Invincible for few moments 

Significant: Change View swaying Setting to OFF

Map Creator:  THEBLUEMAN003

Map Video

Download Super Steve Bros Game Map For Minecraft 1.16.4

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