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New The Bumblezone Mod For Minecraft All Versions

New The Bumblezone Mod For Minecraft All Versions

 The Bumblezone Mod 1.16.5 to 1.15.2 adds an "unBEElievable" measurement brimming with honey bees that turns out to be truly irate on the off chance that you take their nectar!. 

The Bumblezone is a measurement loaded up with Honeycomb Blocks, Honey Blocks, and another Porous Honeycomb Block that can be loaded up with Honey! The actual measurement seems as though it is within a honey bee home! You will discover monster dividers in lines with trenches of water between them alongside goliath segments offering help to the roof all finished. The dividers and segments are filled with honeycomb openings. Of course, voyaging a square in this measurement is equivalent to voyaging 10 squares in the Overworld. (A development factor of 10. For reference, the Nether has a development factor of 8 so voyaging a square in the Nether is equivalent to voyaging 8 squares in Overworld)

In any case, that isn't all! Inside the measurement, honey bees are incredibly defensive of their nectar. On the off chance that you get a Honey Block, take nectar from a Filled Porous Honeycomb block with a Glass Bottle, or you drink a Honey Bottle, all honey bees around you will get a speed, ingestion, and strength elixir impact and will turn out to be VERY irate at you! You will realize you are in DEEP difficulty when you get the Wrath of the Hive symbol demonstrating you got that impact and the mist in the measurement become more red! The honey bee will crowd you like insane and will murder you except if you come very decidedly ready. A full arrangement of unenchanted Diamond stuff won't be sufficient. (be that as it may, you can nerf the honey bees in the config in the event that you see them as too solid or buff them in the event that you need to kick the bucket!) Also, with the Filled Porous Honeycomb block, when you take nectar from it, it transforms into a Porous Honeycomb block yet you can utilize a Honey Bottle on it to top off it back to being a Filled Porous Honeycomb block!

The Bumblezone Mod For Minecraft

How to enter this world? 

Entering the measurement is too simple! Simply toss an Enderpearl at a Bee Nest to enter inside it and bring forth into the measurement. To transport out of the measurement, you can either burrow down and fall beneath Y = 0 (don't stress, you won't bite the dust as I ensured that) or climb your approach to above Y = 256. The mod will see you are attempting to leave and it'll take your directions in The Bumblezone, convert it to the right facilitate in the first measurement you came from and will attempt to put you in that measurement almost a Bee Nest (or it'll make another Bee Nest to put you close to in the event that you doesn't discover a Bee Nest as of now). Through ordinary use, you can't utilize the mod to hop between measurements yet you can utilize it to travel significant distances in any measurement you need. Simply make certain to enter The Bumblezone from the measurement you need to quick go in and afterward leaving The Bumblezone will return you to that measurement.

Mod İmages And Features

Once inside the measurement, it is really enjoyable to investigate the overly cool territory! Simply tread carefully as falling is risky at these statures!

The Bumblezone Mod

The measurement has numerous dividers loaded up with openings that are adjusted to a pivot. It is like the layers that honey bees make in bee sanctuaries!

The Bumblezone Mod

In the event that you utilize a Glass Bottle on Filled Porous Honeycomb Blocks, you can get nectar from it yet will outrage honey bees! You can discover the squares around the water at lower part of world or in the openings in dividers. On the off chance that you utilize Honey Bottle on an unfilled square, it'll top off it!

The Bumblezone Mod

Here is the thing that happened soon after the past picture! All honey bees inside 64 squares of you lost control and amassed you with Speed 1, Absorption 2, and Strength 3. You kicked the bucket a while later.

The Bumblezone Mod

A second experience you had with a bee hive after you got some Honey Blocks. You're in harm's way!. Notice the Wrath of the Swarm symbol in the upper left corner that signals when honey bees have the impact support.

The Bumblezone Mod

The Bumblezone Mod

Download The Bumblezone Mod For Minecraft 1.15.2

Download The Bumblezone Mod For Minecraft 1.16.2

Download The Bumblezone Mod For Minecraft 1.16.4

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