New Productive Gainful Bees Mod 1.16.5 to 1.15.2 (Resource Fix from Bees)

New Productive Gainful Bees Mod 1.16.5 to 1.15.2 (Resource Fix from Bees)

 Profitable Bees Mod 1.16.5 to 1.15.2 adds asset honey bees and progressed bee sanctuaries permitting you to give your honey bees something to do making assets completely computerized. Beneficial honey bees are similarly as derpy as it's vanilla cousin however compensates for it in value. 

This mod adds 50 new honey bees and 32 new progressed bee sanctuaries fit for delivering your number one assets. A portion of the honey bees are single and will just live in singular homes around the planet. 

Profitable Bees Mod Features And Images 


  • Progressed Beehive: 
  • Honey bees possessing the high level bee sanctuary will create assets for you. 
  • Assets can be removed consequently. 
  • Nectar will be gathered consequently. 
  • Progressed hives are agreeable and honey bees living in here wouldn't fret the hive being collected. 
  • Can be extended utilizing a development box. 
  • Comes in your number one wood flavor whenever joined with Buzzier Bees. 
  • Development Box: 
  • Account for additional honey bees in your high level hives. 
  • Adds space for 2 additional honey bees for an aggregate of 5. 
  • Looks great. 


  • Concentrate assets from brushes created by your honey bees. 
  • Get beeswax whenever added by another mod. 

Foul Nest: 

  • Home for foul honey bees, found in marshes. 

Lone Nests: 

  • Homes for lone honey bees can be discovered specked around the planet. They will live anyplace. 
  • Sand, Stone, Dirt, Gravel, Wood, Glowstone, Quartz mineral, Obsidian and End Store. 

Winged serpent Egg Hive: 

  • Empty winged serpent eggs make extraordinary homes for Draconic Bees. 


Honey bee Cage: 

  • Catch and guard your honey bees during transport. 
  • Terrible surface, too helpful. 
  • Nectar Treat 
  • Quiets down furious honey bees 
  • Mends honey bees 
  • Child honey bees who eat this will develop further 

Nectar Bucket: 

  • Makes a wreck. 
  • Honey bees: 

Iron Bee: 

  • Produces iron 
  • Should be reproduced 

Gold Bee: 

  • Produces Gold 
  • Should be reproduced 

Lapis Bee: 

  • Produces Lapis Lazuli 
  • Should be reproduced 

Redstone Bee: 

  • Produces redstone 
  • Should be reared 

Emerald Bee: 

  • Produces emeralds 
  • Should be reared 

Jewel Bee: 

  • Produces jewels 
  • Should be reared 

Glasslike Bee: 

  • Produces under quartz 
  • Found in the under 

Sparkling Bee: 

  • Produces glowstone 
  • Found in the under 

Magmatic Bee: 

  • Produces magma cream 
  • Found in the under 

Bursting Bee: 

  • Produces burst powder 
  • Should be reared 

Ender Bee: 

  • Produces ender pearls 
  • Found eventually 
  • Just likes the sweet taste of tune blossoms 
  • Languid, likes to transport as opposed to flying 

Skeletal Bee: 

  • Produces bonemeal 
  • Moves into dark and accessible hives during evening 


  • Produces spoiled tissue 
  • Moves into dark and accessible hives during evening 

Shrivel Bee: 

  • Just likes shriveled roses 

Draconic Bee: 

  • Found eventually (uncommon) 
  • Assets accumulated from this honey bee can be made into monster eggs 

Color Bee: 

  • Produces colors dependent on which blossoms it has pollinated 

Wood Bee: 

  • Gathers wood chips from close by trees 
  • Wood chips can be created into logs 

Farmer Bee: 

  • Milk is this honey bees food of decision. Ensure a willing cow is close by. 

Single Bees: 

  • Distinctive bundling 
  • Lives in singular homes all around the planet 
  • Doesn't have any desire to live in hives with different honey bees 
  • Utilized for reproducing new species 

Modded asset honey bees: 

  • Honey bees for Copper, Tin, Brass, Bronze, Titanium, Lead, Silver, Electrum, Osmium, Steel, Platinum, Uranium, Invar, Nickel, Zinc, Tungsten, Amber and Aluminum. 
  • Accessible if the asset is added by another mod. 



  • Tacky 
  • Mends honey bees 

Mod incorporations: 

  • Buzzier Bees: Different wood variations of the high level colony and development box are accessible if Buzzier Bees is introduced alongside the mods giving wood types to BB bee sanctuaries. 
  • The Bumblezone: Productive honey bees gets an opportunity to bring forth in The Bumblezone.
New Productive Gainful Bees Mod

New Productive Gainful Bees Mod

New Productive Gainful Bees Mod

New Productive Gainful Bees Mod

New Productive Gainful Bees Mod

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