Minecraft New Identity Mod 1.17/1.16.5

Minecraft New Identity Mod 1.17/1.16.5

 Personality Mod 1.17/1.16.5 was made with motivation from the Morph Mod; It permits players to uninhibitedly change to any elements of their longings. To get one's structure, you should initially crush that particular crowd; from that point onward, a little spring up will inform you of your accomplishment. You would now be able to investigate the world with an incredible superpower. There will be no limits that you can't reach with such capacity. Investigate the sea like a fish, venture to every part of the under camouflaging as a Ghast, or even become an Ender Man and go through The End without managing The Dragon. You could be in a real sense anything you need, from a simple honey bee to an Iron Golem.

Minecraft New Identity Mod 1.17 And 1.16.5

Minecraft Identity Mod Features:

  • Press “`” to Open the Morphing Menu.
  • Kill a mob to obtain its form.

Minecraft Identity Mod İmages:

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