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Firewolf 3D x128 Resource Pack For 1.17

Firewolf 3D x128 Resource Pack For 1.17

 Minecraft 1.17 is formally here, and simultaneously the interest for texture packs and asset packs are as of now flooding. In this audit, here we have a surface pack which isn't an easily recognized name at this point, yet you can't reject that Firewolf 3D x128 1.17 Resource Pack is one of the prettiest 128x goal resource packs that you can at any point see at the present time. 

Firewolf 3D x128 Resource Pack For 1.17
Firewolf 3D x128 Resource Pack For 1.17

The utilization of asset packs has enormously expanded particularly since a large portion of the renowned YouTuber's in Minecraft are utilizing them. With the improved particulars of most players nowadays practically everybody is requesting a high goal surface pack. This demonstrates to show that attractive loads with smooth subtleties are climbing the patterns. 

What is Firewolf 3D x128 1.17 Resource Pack? 

Firewolf 128x 3D is a magnificent semi-reasonable surface pack that means to improve the game look. It was made by Keiretsu. This asset pack utilizes sharp surfaces to make the pixels look consistent. This makes the squares look as though they were associated and not simply accumulated together. Joined with one of the shaders from our 10 best shaders show, it would make it outrageous practical. 

Albeit this asset pack doesn't have the mark Faithful on its name it is genuinely outstanding amongst other planned Faithful surface packs out the present moment. It runs on 128x goal and is viable with the 1.17 variant of Minecraft. 

Is Firewolf 3D x128 1.17 Resource Pack Worth the Download 

Certainly, indeed, this asset pack is a finished bundle of incredible surface plans and wonderful shading plans. Firewolf 3D 128x is a 3D surface pack. This implies that isn't two-dimensional and really has every last bit of its sides painstakingly planned. It highlights more than 300 custom surfaces, interfacing surfaces, and a more energetic look on grass. To add as the clincher, the UI is additionally on HD. It does all that, in addition to more while staying "steadfast" to vanilla Minecraft. 

Before you attempt to download this pack, make sure to introduce Optifine first. You may require it to appropriately run the game with this pack. You will likewise require it to ensure that this pack performs on its ideal execution. 


  • Is three dimensional, which means every last bit of its sides have been planned 
  • The incredible goal at 128x 
  • An astonishing blend of good shading plans and shadows

Download Firewolf 3D x128 Texture Pack For Minecraft 1.17 Version

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