How To Open A Free Powerful Minecraft Server For 1.17 And Oldest (Open 24/7)

How To Open A Free Powerful Minecraft Server For 1.17 And Oldest (Open 24/7)

How To Open A Free Powerful Minecraft Server For Free
How To Open A Free Powerful Minecraft Server For Free.

Features of My Server in This Picture You Can Have Such a Server.


Note: The Site Allows One Account From One Computer.


  1. Open a New Discord Account or Use an Account You Don't Use.
  2. Click Open Server, Enter Link And Login With Your Newly Opened Discord. Get +2 Gb Ram From This Link
  3. Login to Discord with your newly created account. It Will Take You To A Few Servers.
  4. Find Falixnodes Server Among The Servers It Takes You
  5. Find and Enter Join For Resources Channel in the Server.
  6. Improve your Minecraft server by joining the servers there.
  7. Finally Log Out And Open Again From The Page In The Link Above

Go Falix Nodes Website

Server Opening:

  1. Click on the Create Server section on the left of the opened site.
  2. Download the page that opens.
  3. Fill Server Name and Ram.
  4. Select Germany instead of Location at the Bottom.
  5. Click on the Create Button.
  1. Click on Login To Panel on the Left of the Site.
  2. Enter the panel with the information it will give you there.
  3. When you enter the panel, select your server and start.
  1. He will ask you questions:
  2. When Game Asks Click 1 to Select Minecraft.
  3. You can select the game version PaperMC, so press 1 again.
  4. Type Directly (eg:1.8.9) for the Game Version and Press Enter.
  5. It will ask you for EULA Approval, type yes and press Enter.
  6. The server will open.
  7. Click on File Manager on the page.
  8. Enter the server.properties file on the opened page.

Editing Server.properties

When you set online-mode:true/false to false, non-Premium people will enter.

Set spawn-protection=16 to 0.

max-players= Make as many times as you want.

enable-command-block=true/false Enables Disable Command Blocks on the server.

motd= Server Description The part that appears under the server name in the game.

pvp=true/false Toggles PVP On/Off.

gamemode= Sets Default Game Mode.

resource-pack= Uploads the Pack in the Pasted Link to Players.

The server ip is the black part in the left picture in the console part.

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