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How to Feed Polar Bears in Minecraft (What Polar Bears Eat)

How to Feed Polar Bears in Minecraft (What Polar Bears Eat)

 What do Bears and Polar Bears eat in Minecraft? What foods are fed, the answer to all questions is in this article. While it could be smarter to let polar bears be, in actuality, their quality in Minecraft loans you the opportunity to get up and close without turning into their supper. 

What Polar Bears Eat
What Polar Bears Eat

Polar bears are latent hordes that will possibly assault on the off chance that you compromise them or their offspring. Most creature hordes have food that will lead them to follow you any place you lead them and can utilize that food to get them to raise. So what do polar bears eat in Minecraft? 

What Food Do Polar Bears Eat In Minecraft 

Lamentably, essentially at the hour of this composition, polar bears don't eat any sort of food in Minecraft. You can't raise them, and no food will cause them to follow you. If you kill a grown-up polar bear, they get an opportunity to drop some Raw Cod, yet you can't utilize that fish on them. 

Step By Step Instructions To Lead Polar Bears 

While you can't cause a polar bear to follow you with food, there is an approach to lead them someplace. You can utilize a Lead on polar bears, permitting you to pull them to a confined region or any place you need them without them assaulting you. That being said, in case you are in Survival, make certain to do this on a polar bear that is distant from everyone else. If you draw near to a polar hold on for a whelp close by, it will assault you until you or it passes on. At the point when you get the polar bear shipped, you can utilize a Name Tag on it to hold it back from despawning.

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