Minecraft Snow Pig Mod For 1.17.1 (Animal)

Minecraft Snow Pig Mod For 1.17.1 (Animal)

 New and Chill Snow Pig Mod For 1.17.1 is a straightforward and straightforward mod that accommodates a genuine Snow Pig. Although we're not sure why the majority of Minecraft players choose to have a snow pig as a pet since they consider the traditional pig to be insufficient and more appropriate for livestock.

Minecraft Snow Pig Mod For 1.17.1 (Animal)
Snow Pig Mod

These snow pigs are often found in snow biomes, wandering the countryside and hoping to one day conquer the world with their adorableness. Players may take one of these nasty boys home with them.

Snow Pig Mod Features

  • It was decided to use a literal Snow Pig.
  • Pigs that dwell in frigid areas are known as frozen pigs. They're easy to get by in locations like Snowy Tundra and Snowy Taiga.
  • Frozen Pig possesses frightening-looking eyes, yet they, like Pig, are docile animals (ie they will not attack the player).
  • When a frozen pig dies, its flesh is called Frozen Porkchop. When eaten, Frozen Porkchop gives the player the Frozen effect.
  • The Frozen effect will force the player to slow down significantly while also causing them to receive constant damage (Frozen cannot directly kill you).
  • Frozen Porkchop may be reheated to make a normal Porkchop. Frozen Porkchop may also be used to make Frozen Potion. Frozen Potion is a potent concoction.
  • Your foes will virtually have to remain still and absorb a considerable amount of damage if you transform it into a Splash Frozen Potion and then hurl it.
  • Have a good time playing the game!

Minecraft Snow Pig Mod For 1.17.1 (Animal)
Minecraft Snow Pig Mod Features

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