Mod 1.17.1 Engineering Decor (Engineering Workshop Cosmetical Blocks)

Mod 1.17.1 Engineering Decor (Engineering Workshop Cosmetical Blocks)

 The Mod 1.17.1 Engineer's Decor adds aesthetic blocks for workshops, workshops, and homes of engineers. The mod focuses on ornamental, non-functional pieces. No tile entities or interactions between users are utilized if feasible.

Mod 1.17.1 Engineering Decor (Engineering Workshop Cosmetical Blocks)
Mod 1.17.1 Engineering Decor (Engineering Workshop Cosmetical Blocks)

1.17.1 Engineering Decor Mod Features And Images

  • Clinker bricks: Less dark, colorful vanilla brick block variant. Bricks: Around 8 position-dependent texture changes will be applied to "live" the wall. Crafted 3 ts 3 with a middle block of bricks and any combination of bricks and bowls (anything in the ore dictionary that is a 'brick ingot'). More resistant to explosion than the brick wall of the vanilla. Also as stairs, designed as normal. There's a reverse receipt to retrieve four stairs of three clinker bricks.
  • Rebar concrete (Steel): costly yet creeper-resistant. Made 3 to 3 out of four blocks of concrete and five rods of steel. IE-oriented texture design, significantly darker, eight random (position dependant) texture variants with rust traces. Also like steps using the normal formula of stairs.
  • Beton wall and concrete rebar wall: solid barrier walls for design (not like vanilla walls). 3-3 made in six blocks (the usual wall-recipe).
  • Bricks of slag: gray-brown brick, eight variants in texture. Made 3 till3 of slag in the middle and of bricks of all sorts ("brick ingot"). Has a greater resistance to explosion than the brick wall of vanilla. Stairs are also available with the opposite formula.
  • Wood ladder treated: made 3 until 3 till, with the recognized pattern of a ladder, wood sticks are treated.
  • Metal rung ladder: industrial, horizontally bent, wall-fixed ladder. Made 3 digital3 in the design of "U" using 5 iron or steel rods.
  • Step-moving metal stairs: minimalist industrial wall-mounted ladder with zip pattern steps. Crafted 3 TIM 3 in a zip pattern using six steel or iron rods.
  • Wooden table treated: four legs of a wooden table. Creating 3 timber3 using three wooden slabs treated and four wooden poles treated. Guess the pattern. Guess the pattern.
  • Wood poles treated: a polar component that may be positioned in all directions. It does not connect with the post, clasp, etc – a straight pole purposefully. For example, the height of the IE-wire posts cannot be used for a structure support or wire relay.
  • Slowly but constantly, more will arrive.

1.17.1 Engineering Decor Mod Requires

  • Immersive Engineering

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