Minecraft Budschie’s Morph Mod (1.18.2) – Making You Fly as a Bee

Budschie’s Morph Mod (1.18.2) is a mod that makes morph modules for Forge and the latest version accessible.

  • It implements a system where you can kill a mob and get its “soul”, so-to-speak. You can collect that soul by just walking into it. Then, you can morph into that mob by pressing a key on your keyboard (just look in the controls menu of minecraft and search for “Budschie’s Morph Mod Controls”, you can find all the mod controls there).
  • The mod has abilities for vanilla mobs: You can fly as a bat, you can shoot fire balls as a blaze, you can teleport as an enderman, etc.
  • You can turn in any player that you’ve killed and whose soul you’ve collected.
  • There is a gamerule for keeping the morph inventory on death. It is set to true as a default value, but you can turn it off if you wish so.
  • If you are an admin on a server, you can blacklist certain mobs with “/morphblacklist add “. There are also a couple of other commands, for example /morph , /playermorph and /demorph. All of this commands require a permission level of 2 (the default op permission level), as they all ignore the blacklist.
  • You can fully customize which abilities belong to which morphs via data packs.
Budschie’s Morph
Budschie’s Morph
Budschie’s Morph
Budschie’s Morph

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