Minecraft More Commands Mod (1.19, 1.18.2) – Singleplayer Commands

More Commands Mod (1.19, 1.18.2) extends the Minecraft chat console with over 100 new commands. It is inspired by the Singleplayer Commands mod, which has not been further developed. Unlike Singleplayer Commands, you do not need to edit your minecraft.jar because this is a Forge mod. This mod also employs the client-server paradigm and is thus NOT limited to singleplayer; it may also be used on a Forge Server.

  • Client vs. Server Commands: By default, commands are handled by the server, therefore if you join a server, the server must have this mod loaded in order for you to utilize commands (singleplayer is just an internal server). Forge provides the ability to handle commands on the client side, allowing you to use some commands on servers that do not have this mod installed. Nonetheless, the majority of commands are processed on the server since they must function on the server. There are other instructions that need the installation of the mod on both sides.Commands that do not need that can be used without the client installing the mod or without the server installing the mod (for example, players (clients) on a server can use the “fly” command without having the mod installed if the mod is loaded on the server). It also works in reverse; for example, the “clouds” command may be used on any server. Finally, instructions like “noclip” necessitate the installation of the mod on both the server and the client). You may use “clientcommands disable” to deactivate all client-side commands (or enable to enable).
  • The help command: This mod modifies the “help” command. The issue with this command is that it is executed on the server side, whereas client instructions are not visible. As a result, using “help” will only show you that you must use “chelp” for client commands and “shelp” for server commands. Of course, this only applies if client commands are enabled. (You may disable them with “clientcommands disable”).
  • Disabling commands: The mod will generate a file named “disable.cfg” in the “minecraft installation folder/config/morecommands” directory. You can enter instructions and they will be deactivated (for example, if you wish to use the vanilla “enchant” command).
  • MoreCommands allows you to run commands when you join a server or when the server boots up. This may be used to, for example, provide a specific configuration on server starting.
  • Change the settings (for example, the welcome message): The configuration is saved in the file config.cfg, which can be found in MC FOLDER/config/morecommands. This file contains the MoreCommands configuration and comprises of key-value pairs that specify some of the mod’s behaviors.
  • The configuration system: The settings system is rather complex, and it would be impossible to describe everything here. The settings system’s default behavior is more than enough, but if you want to learn more about it, you may do so.
  • The permissions system: Minecraft already has a permissions system in place. MoreCommands allows you to specify specific permissions for players as well as permission requirements for commands based on this.
  • Commands containing nbt data: Some commands have a “nbt” argument. This parameter anticipates nbt data. If you’re not sure what something is, seek it up on the Minecraft wiki; there’s a nice explanation. Following the nbt option is frequently a parameter called “merge” or “equal.” If the former is true and the option “merge” is used, lists will be merged rather than replaced fully. If the latter is true and the argument “equal” is used, lists are compared for entire equality; otherwise, lists are compared so that one list must include all members of the other.
  • Chat Channels: The newest edition includes Chat Channels, which are similar to Chat Rooms. All Chat Channels are organized in a tree structure, and each channel has a policy that governs whether or not a player is permitted to join a channel. This manner, you may, for example, create a secret chat room that only users on a whitelist can join.

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